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Justin Desjardins West (Afilion) is a Canadian music composer and producer from Burlington, Ontario.

Justin was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1993, but grew up in Burlington, Ontario. From a very young age Justin’s creative passions were obvious. He delved deeply into the music of every genre and frequently shot and edited videos with tailor-made soundtracks. It was in his mid-teens that Justin decided to explore the art of music composition and production.

In 2013 Justin started composing music for video games and started releasing music under his artist moniker Afilion. Over the course of the next 10 years, he would go on to compose music for a dozen video games and release 10 full length artist albums. In 2019 his creative passions turned to composing music for TV, Film and advertising. His music has been used by Netflix, Disney, CBS, ABC, NBC, BBC, ESPN, NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, Fox, MTV and Discovery.

Afilion - Justin West Portrait