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Justin West (Afilion) is a Canadian music composer and producer from Burlington, Ontario.

Justin was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1993, but grew up in Burlington, Ontario. From a very young age Justin’s creative passions were obvious. He delved deeply into music of every genre and frequently shot and edited videos with tailor-made soundtracks. It was in his mid-teens that Justin decided to explore the art of music composition and production. By the age of 18 he had released several dance-influenced singles and remixes.

In 2013 Justin started composing music for Video Games and Trailers. Over the course of the next 5 years, he would go on to compose music for a dozen video games, release several singles and 5 full length artist albums. In June of 2017, Justin graduated with a diploma in Interactive Media Design from Fanshawe College. He now resides just outside of Toronto where he works on music and sound design for Video Games, TV and Film.

Afilion - Justin West Portrait